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Author. Illustrator. Animator. Designer. 


Bridget Finnegan is an award winning illustrator, animator, author and designer.

She has stretched her legs creatively over her career with projects such as toy packaging, doll design, websites, maps, technical illustrations, multifaceted advertising campaigns blah blah blah...OK she's done some stuff over the years.

She has illustrated, written and published several books under her company’s imprint, Dawdle Publishing, LLC. 

Shown above in her pre-COVID hair, she prides herself (perhaps a bit too much) in her ability to roll her eyes around her head. 

She disappointed her father by securing a BFA in photography from Washington University instead of the engineering degree he was hoping for. She later redeemed herself by earning an MBA from Plymouth State University.

She lives in Durham, NH with her family where she spends a lot of time staring out the window at waterfowl.

Follow her on Instagram @bridgetfinnegan33

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