Zen Videos!

Hi all,

I’ve been having a bunch of fun shooting short “Zen Videos” on my phone. This one was shot on Star Island, one of the Isles of Shoals.

Watch more on my YouTube channel.

Another favorite from Washington Square Park:

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Images from my new book! Yippee!!

Working title: “Lake.” Due out: September 2017

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Thanks for a great Market Square Day!

Market Square Day displayLots of love for the Doc!

Earrings by Bridget Finnegan at Market Square Day.

The Shrinky Dink earrings were the star of the day! ONLINE store coming soon!

Coloring with Bridgee

My FAVORITE customers all day!

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Book Expo!

Animals and Amazing Women are invading NYCHey everyone! The gang and I are on our way to Book Expo and Book Con in New York City! My books will be at the New Title Showcase.

Ad for Book Expo

Doc MacDoodle looms over Manhattan



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So, here is a photo that I took last year off of Boothbay, Maine. That’s a minke whale that played with us for a while.

Minke whale off of Boothbay, ME. 2016

We were joking that I could have Photoshopped this photo. That is so untrue because if I was to Photoshop anything it would look like this.

Whale looks at bananas on boat

Anyhoo, most days on a boat are pretty great, but some days REALLY ROCK IT.

Last Tuesday was one of those amazing days.

Headed to Nantucket from our home in New Hampshire we were passing Provincetown when we spotted this whale at a distance.

Minke whale off of Cape Cod.

Then THE BIRDS WENT CRAZY near our boat

Gulls go crazy

Humpback whale emerges from the waters off Cape Cod with his mouth open.

Humpback whale off Cape Cod

Humpback whale off of Cape Cod

humpback whale off of Cape Cod

Humpback whale off of Cape Cod

This amazing creature emerged repeatedly for 45 minutes.

Aside from the humpback there were also several minkes frolicking.

A pod of common dolphins soon arrived to join the fun just as my camera card filled at 500 photos. 🙁

Common dolphins off of Cape Cod

Desperately, I attempted to edit out the “weak” images to make space for new ones. To no avail. Argh!

Coincidentally, my book of choice for this trip happened to be Susan Casey‘s tome on dolphins, Voices in the Ocean,

Casey’s book is a look into the lives of these glorious creatures. A few things I learned:

  • They help others—including humans—in need.  Repeatedly they have saved humans from drowning and shark attacks.
  • They cultivate relationships with all creatures and protect their own communities.
  • They recognize themselves in the mirror.
  • Swimming with dolphins is a very bad idea. Dolphins in captivity are depressed and pissed off. They often injure people. Go to Hawaii and swim with real dolphins in the ocean if you want that experience.

I encourage all to read Susan Casey’s book and to do what they can to preserve our amazing cousins. These animals whither and die in captivity.

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We have stickers!

Award winning coloring book Animals with sticker!

I remember my friend, music writer Gregory Nicoll, talking about how bands thought they were legit when they had stickers with their logos on them. I need to make me some Doc stickers…

This award came with not just stickers but also a review. Read the here!

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Thank you to the Dover Public Library!

Bridget Finnegan at the Dover Public Library

Nice turnout for the Coloring Extravaganza at the Dover Public Library! Made some new friends, was joined by some old friends and was able to test drive my new presentation. And it lead to another speaking engagement at Winnicunnet High School.

If you have not checked out the DPL, you really should. Lots of great stuff happens there AND the building is a classic beauty.

Thanks to Erika Mantz, Mike Cleary and Kitty Marple for all the help!

(Photo by Erika Mantz)

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A Coloring Extravaganza!

Join Bridget Finnegan at a coloring extravaganza! Dover Public Library, May 3, 6:30 p.m.

Hi everyone!
Join me for some coloring fun on May 3rd! I’ll be demonstrating how I create my books AND there will be hands-on coloring fun. BONUS! Both my books will be available for sale.

Pass the word along to your pals. Here’s a PDF you can even download, print and post to lure others into the excitement. (See, the fun is already starting.)

Hope to see you there!


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Animals Has A New Title! “Finalist!”

Cartoon showing Doc MacDoodle graciously accepting his award.

To misquote the fabulous Sally Field, “You like me! You really like me!

Animals is a finalist for a Reader Views Literary Award! 

Winners will be announced in a few weeks…so if I mention nothing…

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Josephine Baker in Really Boring Underwear

Josephine baker illustration by Bridget Finnegan

Josephine Baker
1906 – 1975

Ahhhh, Josephine! She is probably my favorite subject in 33 Amazing Women. You can’t go wrong with a magnificent diva. She was Cher before Cher was Cher. (Wow! Three Cher mentions in one sentence. I am on fire!)

The one item that is not true to her costumes is the underwear that you’ll need to click to see. I am fairly certain that she did not ever wear anything so boring. But, you know, this book is for grown-ups of ALL ages. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Read more about Josephine and her underwear.

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