Bridgee’s Illustrated Blog

Started in 2011, my personal goal for the blog was to improve my illustration and storytelling skills by doing three cartoons a week. I took a little hiatus after 300 posts to go to graduate school and to work on my books. Bridgee will be back soon! It’s too much fun to do and FAR cheaper than therapy.  

Matryosha Russian Nesting Bridgee Dolls  Bridgee enjpys the lilacs

My ‘Lil Punkins Doll Line

At one point I was able to design clothing, accessories and packaging for a line of baby dolls. The line won an Oppenheim Toy Award and was a finalist for the Family Fun Toy of the Year. Sadly, the company went out of business months after the product launched.

My 'Lil Pumpkins Dollsmlphero

The Little Sock Monkey Project

For a number of years Little Sock Monkey has traveled with me and my family. Follow his adventures on Instagram.

little sock money images

Not So Tidy Zoo

Dolores Leonard and I collaborated on a children’s book about a bird who runs a zoo next to a clown college. Someday we’ll actually publish it.

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metallic dragon creepy bald guy characters princess in front of castle  spiderkids playing instruments nstz-lady