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Mike Cleary, Sully Sullenberger and Jeff Skiles

From the NYT today. Mikey! (& some others you might recognize.)

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Union Leader Talking About the Doc

Thanks Kimberley Haas and Julia Ann Weeks for the great story in the Union Leader today! Animals-sample-front-cover

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Doc MacDoodle at the Sully Premiere!

Bridget Finnegan and Mike Cleary

What do you do when you find out your boyfriend is a character in the new Clint Eastwood movie?
Make a Shrinky Dink necklace and wear it to the premiere! It really is the only sensible thing to do.

Why were we there?
My significant other, Mike Cleary was the Vice President of the US Airline Pilots Association in January of 2009. He later went on to be elected President. The newly-formed union had its first crisis when US Airways Flight 1549 landed on the Hudson River. Mike was responsible for hiding the crew for the days immediately following the splashdown. Sully went on to write a book about his life which Clint Eastwood made into the new film, Sully.

Fast forward to yesterday. Mike and I were invited to the premiere and after party for the film in NYC. No, we didn’t meet Tom Hanks. Everyone that we did meet was lovely and gracious. Mike and Aaron Eckhart chatted amiably while I gushed uncontrollably and embarrassingly all over him.

Chris Bauer was a real peach. I asked him a million questions about acting. Mike and I broke through the unwashed masses and spoke briefly with Clint Eastwood, who still looks fantastic at age 85. (No, we did not discuss politics or weird chair performance art.) Mike O’Malley apologized for being nasty in the fictional NTSB hearings but we mostly discussed UNH as he is an alum. Sadly, the actor that played Mike, Holt McCallany, was filming in Pittsburg and was not at the party.

It was great for Mike to reconnect with Sully and Jeff Skiles. Jeff had not seen the film prior to last night. He told me that the flying scenes were accurate but felt much faster in real life than in the movie. No surprise there!

We also had the chance to speak with Clay Presley who was a passenger aboard 1549. He went on to get his pilot’s license after the incident in order to overcome his fear of flying.

The Film
As the old saying goes, “Why let facts get in the way of a good story?” The film is mostly accurate with the exception of the days immediately following the water landing. What’s the real story? Well, that’s Mike’s to tell. Trust me, it will be worth the wait.

And I did get one compliment for my necklace…from the bartender.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood

Aaron Eckhart at the Sully Premiere

Aaron Eckhart

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson



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Water Street Books

The tremendous Water Street Books in Exeter, NH is the latest store to offer Doc MacDoodle. That is just one of the thousands of reasons to go there!

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Some May be More Equal Than Others

Elizabeth I wishes Mary Queen of Scots a happy women's equality day.

Seeing Bad Moms is a good way to celebrate Women’s Equality Day, right?

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Q&A With Bridgee Part 1

Photo of Bridget Finnegan

Bridget Finnegan is rarely serious. In her personal life and in her work, she is defined by her sense of humor and her ability to make others laugh. So when she decided to create Doc MacDoodle’s® Color Therapy for Grown-Ups: Animals it was necessary for the coloring book to not only give people the chance to be creative but also to smile. In the following interview by Olivia Marple, Finnegan discusses the benefits of coloring books, what sets hers apart from others on the market right now, her plans for future coloring books the Doc MacDoodle series, and the frustrating realization that the world is not ready to color a buffalo wearing a periscope. This is an excerpt. Read the full interview.

OM: Your coloring book has a lot of humor in it. Is it important for you to have a humorous element in a lot of your projects?

BF: Yes! I really enjoy laughing. I don’t think I am built to do anything serious.

OM: Did you create this coloring book for a group of people in particular? Or do you think anyone can enjoy it?

BF: I started out creating the book for people like me. Adults who enjoy the tactile nature of creating something and like to have fun doing it. I knew that kids would like it as well. There may be a few of the illustrations that are a bit complex for little ones to color but they will like the illustrations. It has only been since I have shared the book with others that I have realized that another huge potential audience for it is older people. The illustrations are sweet and fun and happy. It really is for grown-ups of all ages.

OM: Why do you say that older people could be a potential customer base for your coloring book? How are coloring books helpful for the elderly?

BF: Recent studies have shown that coloring books provide a calming distraction for older people who suffer from the beginning stages of dementia.

OM: You also mentioned that you originally created your coloring book for women and men who like to create things. Do you think the book could also sell well with people who are not normally creative? Why?

BF: I think there will be huge appeal for the book among those who don’t consider themselves creative. There are several different “levels” of artwork available in the book. A few are patterns in enclosed areas where the risk is minimal. If you don’t like a square, you just move on!

OM: You mentioned the tactile nature inherent in coloring books, which is a concept seen less and less in our current, digitally oriented world. What do you think are the positives of coloring with physical pencils and paper, and how would you convince someone who is glued to their smart phone or computer that they should give coloring a try?

BF: I love screens more than anyone. I use a computer to create my books. I do think, however, that there is something very satisfying about creating something in a tactical medium. When you don’t have an “undo” button you need to commit. I used to draw a lot in sketchbooks. I forced myself to draw in pen. No erasing allowed. It forced me to relax. Some of my best sketches were mistakes. When you color, you have fewer decisions to make than if you were doing a drawing.

Read the full interview.


Olivia Marple is the public relations manager at Dawdle Publishing, LLC, as well as a freelance journalist and Spanish tutor in the Seacoast NH area. She enjoys learning new languages and documenting the world around her through video, photography and writing. Check out her online portfolio at, or follow her on Twitter: @OliviaMarple


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Science, Seriously!

Two monkeys study the effect of coloring on a human.

Ever wonder how Doc MacDoodle knows so much about science and coloring?


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Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer Sale Promo

Get 20% off when you purchase two or more copies of Doc MacDoodle’s Animals!

Remember, nothing improves your appearance and overall well being like multiple copies of this tremendous coloring book.

Look what happens when you just think!

butterfly and fish talk about how fabulous you are.

Sale ends August 7, 2016

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Introducing Freya!

Cartoon of Freya Stark and her trusty camel.

Freya is just one of the stars of my new coloring book, 33 Amazing Women. Due out this fall, the book features 33 women, some are very well known leaders like Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I. Others, like poet Phyllis Wheatley and Margaret Vinci Heldt, the inventor of the beehive hairdo, are no less fascinating.

As with Animals, the book will feature artwork with several levels of complexity. All of it will actually be colorable. As an illustrator it’s very easy to get carried away and create artwork that looks terrific but is frustrating to actually color. My books are designed for you! It’s all about “coloraboration,” after all.

It also may just be the first coloring book with a bibliography…The Doc, of course would require it.

More previews to come!

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A Moment in History

Doc M

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