Charismatic and Controversial: Margaret Mead

“If she had pointed to me and said, ‘You! You’re the one I choose! Come off with me!’ I would have gone with her. Anywhere.”

— A man, 30 years Mead’s junior recalling meeting her at a dinner party.”
Margaret MeadCultural anthropologist Margaret Mead was a mesmerizing speaker, a mentor and role model to many an adventurer. She listened to people’s secrets and shared them with us thereby opening Somoa, New Guinea and other hidden cultures to the world.
Learn LOTS more about Margaret.

Margaret is just one of the subjects in  33 Amazing Women.


A reminder: for every book I sell on Amazon before December 31, 2016, I will donate a dollar to the National Organization for Women.

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New Review for Animals from Reader Views

RCover of Doc MacDoodles Color Therapy for Grown-Upseviewed by Julia Martinec for Reader Views (11/16)

If you’re struggling with the Monday blues or just have some built up stress, “Doc MacDoodle’s Color Therapy for Grown-Ups: Animals” by Bridget Finnegan is perfect for you! This adult coloring book is a lot of fun and really does help to relax and take your mind off the worries of the world. The goofy and fun animals on each page make you smile and coloring them funky colors makes them even better. The fact that each doodle has a blank back is a plus! You can rip them out and hang them up on the wall or fridge to enjoy your masterpieces even more.

Read more


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To The Amazing Women Out There

Time to Fight Back

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.”
― Freya Stark

For every copy of 33 Amazing Women that I sell though Amazon until December 31, 2016, I will donate $1 to the National Organization for Women.

If you don’t want a book, I would urge you to contribute to a cause that fights hate and bigotry. Here’s a list.

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33 Amazing Women is Available for Sale!

Illustration of Isabella Bird, Elizabeth I, Arlene Francis, Amy Winehouse

Order now from the DocMacDoodle’s store on Amazon for the holidays! (Or if you need a little election de-stressing.)

Local Author’s Second Adult Coloring Book Celebrates Women

Meet 33 amazing women in New Hampshire author and illustrator Bridget Finnegan’s latest coloring book for grown-ups. Combining art with humor and now education, her Doc MacDoodle® series is a standout in the coloring book craze.

Cover for 33 Amazing Women“This is such an intelligent, charming, and beautifully drawn coloring book! I love that the author has taken coloring books to the next level by providing content that is as strong as the art.”
—Early review on Amazon

• Friendly for people of all ages and all skills levels.
• Designed to be a form of therapy rather than frustration.
• Perfect holiday gift for the women in your life!

French American caberet star Josephine Baker is among those featured in the book as well as Cleopatra, Marie Curie, Amy Winehouse and Margaret Mead. Colorists will learn about the beehive ladies, including the inventor of the beehive hairdo, and a variety of other amazing women like the only female leader of China for four millennia, the first woman in recorded history to earn her living as a writer, and a woman who became a regular on “What’s My Line?”

Her first book, Animals, and 33 Amazing Women are available on Amazon.

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Best. Monkey. Ever.

Addies MonkeyAddie colors her monkey

Addie takes her coloring very seriously. This is why she loves her new coloring book, 33 Amazing Women. It’s a combination of fun illustrations and great stories about amazing women. (Plus, Doc MacDoodle, our overly educated gorilla friend, makes an appearance or two.)

Order now on Amazon!


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Cleopatra – Pharaoh of Egypt


69 – 30 BC

Cleopatra, Pharoah of Egypt, was a savvy politician and leader who made alliances, both romantic and political, with Rome. When Caesar was first in Egypt she rolled herself into a rug and had herself delivered to his quarters. Later she transitioned to Caesar’s aide Mark Antony with whom she had two children. Death by asp bite was her suicide of choice after the political climate in Rome switched to Caesar Augustus’ rule. Egypt subsequently became a Roman province.

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Coming November 1st!

Doc MacDoodle's 33 Amazing Women available Nov. 1

33 Amazing women are the feature of my latest coloring book. Learn about Cleopatra, Dian Fossey, Dorothy Parker and many others from around the world. I’ll even have a bibliography too!

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There’s a Chill in the Air

A monkey knits scarves for his lion friends

Fall is here! Time to get out the old knitting needles and whip up some cuddlies for your friends. Do I knit? Hmmm. I think it is best for everyone if I keep away from pointy objects.

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More Sully Stuff

Mike Cleary, Sully Sullenberger and Jeff Skiles

From the NYT today. Mikey! (& some others you might recognize.)

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Union Leader Talking About the Doc

Thanks Kimberley Haas and Julia Ann Weeks for the great story in the Union Leader today! Animals-sample-front-cover

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