Heroes of WWII

Noor Inayat Khan

1914 – 1944

Noor Inayat Khan, writer and harp player, became a radio operator in occupied France. Captured after 12 weeks—twice the average life expectancy of radio operators—she was tortured and eventually killed by the Nazis. She did not reveal any information to her interrogators and nearly escaped on two occasions.

Sophie Scholl

1921 – 1943

A German student, Sophie Scholl was caught distributing anti-Nazi pamphlets for the White Rose anti-violence resistance group at the University of Munich. She was executed with her brother, Hans.

Hannie Schaft

1920 – 1945

The “Girl with the Red Hair,” Jannetje Johanna Schaft was a highly effective Dutch resistance fighter carrying out multiple attacks on Nazis and collaborators in Haarlem. Her final words were, “I am a better shot than you,” when her executioners missed killing her.