Lake: A Loony Winnipesaukee Duck Tale
Landing November 2017.

Cover for 33 Amazing Women

33 Amazing Women…and One Over Educated Gorilla

Published in November 2016.
Meet 33 amazing women in local author and illustrator Bridget Finnegan’s latest coloring book for grown-ups. Combining art with humor and now education, her Doc MacDoodle® series is a standout in the coloring book craze.


Animals coverDoc MacDoodle’s Color Therapy for Grown-Ups: Animals

Published in June 2016.
A coloring book that you can actually color! Animals are the stars of this lively, funny book. Drawing inspiration from such diverse sources as Marie Antoinette, NASA, Botticelli, art deco and Mother Nature. Beautiful vines and plants intersect with insects and patterns throughout this world where monkeys knit mittens for lions and rhinos wear waders.