Doc MacDoodle’s Color Therapy for Grown-Ups: Animals is the book that started it all! What did it start? Well…um…the revolution! That’s it! Yes…the revolution. You know the revolution!

Actually, it didn’t really start much of anything. It’s just fun.

It did win an award! (Sort of.) The New England Book Festival has blessed animals with an honorable mention in the wildcard category!

Anyway. Here’s what I say on Amazon about it:

A coloring book that you can actually color! Animals are the stars of this lively, funny book. Drawing inspiration from such diverse sources as Marie Antoinette, NASA, Botticelli, art deco and Mother Nature. Beautiful vines and plants intersect with insects and patterns throughout this world where monkeys knit mittens for lions and rhinos wear waders. Finnegan has created a book that is: Animals Cover

• Fun for grown ups of all ages

• Designed for optimal coloring

•  Staple binded for coloring all the way to the center

• Bleed proof; each spread has a blank reverse side to allow for marker bleed

• Varied complexity for colorers of various levels

And here is a really cute kid coloring it:Addie colors her monkey