About Me

portrait of Bridget

I am an illustrator and designer. Apparently now, I am a blogger too!

I am a much better dresser in my blog than in real life. I am also skinnier, funnier and am much more popular. I also have a larger collection of eye wear.

In my other life I am the Director of New and Emerging Media at the University of New Hampshire. It is a great job where I get to do things like create animations about cyber security and diagrams about stormwater. (I’m actually not kidding here…that’s what I do and it really is fun!)  My friend Erika thinks I use too many “!” in my writing so I decided I needed to start a blog where that wouldn’t be a problem.

I also should mention that everything here is ©2011-2013 Bridget Finnegan.

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Please send me an email at beafinn@yahoo.com if you would like to subscribe.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Bridget – Would you add me to your new blog posting notification list or have I just done that by sending this comment? Your stuff is great. Love the yoga teacher entry, people magazine and the bee-ah-dome. And doggie diapers are such a good idea for so many reasons. Could you do something on my favorite dessert – tapioca? Looking forward to the fun. – Phil

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