Three photos of Bridget Finnegan

Bridget Finnegan is an illustrator, author and designer.

Her latest book, 33 Amazing Women premiered on November 2016. The book profiles 33 women in a lively entertaining way. Beautiful illustrations with a sense of humor.

Her first coloring book, Animals, premiered June 2016. The first Doc MacDoodle® book is a lively collection of whimsical illustrations featuring some of the stars of the animal kingdom as well as a highly-educated gorilla and two monkeys.

The best job Bridget she ever had (before making coloring books) was designing clothes and packaging for a line of baby dolls. Sadly, the My ‘Lil Punkins™ doll line was a tragic victim of the crash.

(WAIT A MINUTE! This is so weird! I can’t keep writing in the third person…)

Contrary to popular opinion, she is I am not obsessed with monkeys.

Her My favorite thing is to play well with others (hmmmm?) and that is why she is I am making coloring books. “There is nothing better than creating something that people will interact with and enjoy.” (Weird, quoting myself. Bad quote, let’s try again.) “Drawing animals and doohickies for others to color is like sharing an ice cream sundae with a flock of seagulls. Totally awesome.” (That’s the birds, not the 1980s band I am referring to. Although the other might be cool also. Provided nobody is lactose intolerant.)

She I graduated from Washington University with a degree in photography and is am currently in the MBA program at Plymouth State University. In her my other life she is I am the former creative director at the University of New Hampshire which is sadly lacking in a hotbed of monkeys.

I live Bridget lives in coastal New Hampshire with her family the other inmates.

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