Doc MacDoodle

Animals is Here!

Cover of Doc MacDoodles Color Therapy for Grown-Ups

Animals are the stars of this lively, offbeat coloring book. Drawing inspiration from such diverse sources as Marie Antoinette, NASA, Botticelli, art deco and Mother Nature. Beautiful vines and plants intersect with insects and patterns throughout this world where monkeys knit mittens for lions and rhinos wear waders.

• Fun for grown ups of all ages
•Designed for optimal coloring in mind
•Stapled binding allows for coloring all the way to the center
•Each spread has a blank reverse side to allow for marker bleed
•Illustrations vary in complexity for colorers of various levels

About the Doc

Doc MacDoodle waxes poetic about the people who color.

Doc MacDoodle has a doctorate in tintosity, coloraboration and hueman Studies with a specialty in color pencil sharpening from DoDo University Online. While he does not have a medical degree per se, he is a recognized expert in the following fields: nutrition, psychotherapy, Jungian philosophy, phrenology, criminology, zoology, arachnology and many other ologies. He is your guide through the animal kingdom for Bridget’s first coloring book for grown ups.

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