Josephine Baker in Really Boring Underwear

Josephine baker illustration by Bridget Finnegan

Josephine Baker
1906 – 1975

Ahhhh, Josephine! She is probably my favorite subject in 33 Amazing Women. You can’t go wrong with a magnificent diva. She was Cher before Cher was Cher. (Wow! Three Cher mentions in one sentence. I am on fire!)

The one item that is not true to her costumes is the underwear that you’ll need to click to see. I am fairly certain that she did not ever wear anything so boring. But, you know, this book is for grown-ups of ALL ages. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Read more about Josephine and her underwear.

About Bridget Finnegan

Bridget Finnegan is an illustrator and designer. She plays well with others and now creates coloring books to collaborate on a much larger scale. If you color it, share it! #colorwithdoc
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