A cartoon depicting what Bridgee would look like without modern dentistry

So, last week I happily trot off to the dentist for a cleaning. I get into a discussion with the hygienist regarding the long-term prognosis for my long-dead front tooth with the porcelain veneer. “Don’t bite into hard stuff,” she warns, “and it should last for a while yet.”

Fast forward a whole TWO HOURS!

While eating cauliflower I whack my tooth with the side of my fork and smash the crap out of the veneer. Very pretty. I had to wait until morning to call my dentist who was quite lovely about the whole thing and got me in right away. I was a little concerned that he might think I was some kind of “Fatal Attraction”-like obsessive fan who broke my tooth on purpose to spend more time “in the chair.” Thankfully, he fixed the tooth anyway. Now I eat with plastic cutlery or chopsticks.