Ode to Springtime!!

Ode to Springtime

As many of you know, I am an interpretive dance FREAK. Here I am performing an original piece, “Ode to Springtime,” with my collaborator and arch nemesis, Kaiser Bill the Woodchuck. (Oh and yes, that is an accurate depiction of how I look in a leotard.)

(I just noticed that my shadow is going the wrong way. Apparently, I have power over the sun and light!!)

Another reason to celebrate!!!! This is my 100th post!! Whoooodathunnnkit!???



It didn’t occur to either of us at the time that we looked alike. Later when we were waitressing together during college the hostess couldn’t tell us apart. This worked out nicely because I missed a night in error and the woman thought I was there because Beth just answered to “Bridget” all night. She did not, however, share her tips with me from the extra tables she had to wait on…

Thanks for being such a good friend, Beth!