Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! A Bridget Finnegan cartoon comparing Saint Brigit of Kildare with Saint Bridgee of WordPress. Saint Brigit of Kildare  Cured leprosy  Founded art school  Cursed a fellow nun’s apple trees to no longer bear fruit.  Father was a Druid  Could duplicate butter, bacon and milk.  Controlled the weather  Saint Bridgee of Wordpress  Sometimes has acne   Attended art school  Curses like a stevedore  Father was a drooler   Eats butter, bacon and milk  Watches the Weather Channel


About Bridget Finnegan

Bridget Finnegan is an illustrator and designer. She plays well with others and now creates coloring books to collaborate on a much larger scale. If you color it, share it! #colorwithdoc
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