Silent Films are BACK!

Rin Tin Tin and Bridgee in the Artist

Dear Rin Tin Tin,

Guess what buddy?! Silent films are BACK in a BIG WAY. I have this crazy idea about a washed-up silent film star who reinvents himself for the talkies. Sound good!?!

Have your people call my people!


P.S. Oh…NEVERMIND…apparently somebody already did that…

P.S.S. I highly recommend Susan Orlean’s book on RIn Tin TIn as well as The Artist. (Even though our version would have been better.)

About Bridget Finnegan

Bridget Finnegan is an illustrator and designer. She plays well with others and now creates coloring books to collaborate on a much larger scale. If you color it, share it! #colorwithdoc
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