Everything is BIGGER in British Columbia

Everything is BIGGER in Brotosh Columbia

My sister Kitty and I recently traveled to British Columbia to celebrate the life of my uncle Cyril Finnegan. He was a great man who—aside from being a beloved professor at U.B.C. —was also the patriarch of a large über race of super-human Finnegans. They all seem to be very tall, (not to mention gorgeous, smart, and witty). Lilliputians Kitty and I did our best to fit in.

The Tell Tale Beep

Tell Tale Beep

I spent the entire night last night trying to ignore what I thought was the smoke alarm in the garage. Rather than go into the garage, get a ladder, and replace the battery, I decided that it would be better to toss and turn all night while being driven slowly insane by the relentless beeping.

Turned out it was actually from my boyfriend’s old cell phone in the closet five feet from my bed.


Happy Valentine's Day from Bridgee!

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As a special Valentine’s Day treat you can download a printable version of this Valentine for your special someone. (Or not-so-special someone. REALLY anyone, that’s fine with me.)

Social Media Club New Hampshire!

Social Media Club New Hampshire Meeting

C’mon! It’ll be fun. Not just Brady Carlson from NHPR, but the Social Media Club New Hampshire presents Tom Haines of the UNH Journalism Program, Mark Fortier of NH Patch, Tom Gounley and Chad Graff from The New Hampshire. More info.

Don’t Drink and Blog!

Bridget cartoon about drinking while blogging

Fifteen minute intermission!

Feel free to peruse the news or hum the Jeopardy theme (or the Wheel of Fortune theme) while you wait.

Pat Sajak confession

Daniel Radcliffe confession

(Blinking lights! Blinking lights!) Please return to your seats for part two.

Part two of Bridgee's confession, drinking on the blog

A cautionary tale.