The Princess and the Swan: A True Story

The Princess and the Swan

REALLY! A TRUE STORY. In 1965 a swan took up residence at the Mill Pond in Durham, New Hampshire. Because a fugitive swan was somewhat unusual, there was a fair amount of press generated. An exiled Russian princess, most recently of Ipswich, Mass., insisted that the swan was hers and came up to claim it. Rebuffed by town residents and the local fish and game, she returned to Ipswich sans swan. The swan was named “Onderdonk” and was the first of many on Mill Pond.

I am fairly certain that she did not look like a crazed Jacqueline Suzanne. I just like to think of her that way.

Thanks to Mylinda Woodward of the University of New Hampshire Archives for telling me this story.


The Irish Visit Orient Beach, Saint Martin

The Irish visit Orient Beach

With the temperature hovering around 8° outside, you might be tempted to jet off to parts south for some sunshine and sand. Heed this warning Irish people! European clothing optional beaches are not for you! It’s not the parade of leathery skin on Orient Beach that is the problem. It’s just that you can’t pack enough outerwear to protect the Irish skin from the blinding tropical sun.

Why go Virgin Galactic?

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Sumerian Keg Party

Bridgee visits Sumer where beer was discovered

Turns out that the Sumerians get credit for beer! Around 10,000 BC someone left wet some grain around and TA DA! They couldn’t figure out how to strain it so they drank it out a big vat with straws to get below the crud line.

Beverage facts like these are available in Tom Standage’s cool book, A History of the World in Six Glasses.

Bridgee Votes in the New Hampshire Primary

Bridgee Votes in the New Hampshire Primary

Tuesday is the big day for New Hampshire! As a “non-affiliated” voter, I get to vote in either primary. We’ll see how it goes…