Waiting for Mitt Romney

Waiting for Mitt Romney

One of the perks of living in New Hampshire is to have a front-row seat to the circus that is the presidential primary. The above cartoon is not fiction. I mean seriously. Yep. All true.

My friend Lori and I enjoyed a lovely breakfast to go with the show outside. Sadly for these characters, the main attraction never showed up. Mitt stood up Lori, the goat, the dolphin, and me. Keep up with the fun NH Primary on UNH’s NH Primary Facebook page. It’s mostly Lori’s effort.


insomnia, sleeping, dreams, pillowLately I have been waking up at 3:00 a.m. and lying there in the dark until about 5:00. Then I sleep fitfully until being jarred out of sleep violently at 6:00. My brain does some amazing acrobatics during this time. Sometimes I think I am brilliant (see “spray socks”). Usually when I wake up I realize I am not so much.

Shake that money maker!

Belly dancing class At one point three of my friends and I decided to take belly dancing lessons. The instructor was this older woman who was in tremendous shape. We later found out that she was in her early 80s when we took her class. She had her work cut out for her with our rag tag group. Liz seemed to be a natural. The rest of us…not so much.

Happy Veterans Day!

Bridget Greets the GeneralWhen I was five years old my dad was in the U.S. Air Force and we lived in Taiwan. One day my mom announced that Dad was bringing a very important general home for lunch. I sprung into action and prepared a welcome worthy of such a patriot. Luckily, the general had a sense of humor and thought it was hilarious when I welcomed him by waving two wee American flags in his face.