Hearing the news that REM has called it quits reminded me of the one time I was able to meet a member of my favorite band. My friends Liz and Greg and I heard that Mike Mills was stopping by after a show to a local Atlanta bar. He did show up AT 3:00 a.m. As far as I can remember I blabbered on incoherently to him for far too long.

P.S. Look how fabulous my hair was. (Could be less than accurate recollection…)

A Confession

OK, so there I was this weekend at my friend’s house paging though the latest issue of “Martha Stewart Living”. I was especially taken by an article on seasoning your cast iron pans. The next thing I know I am filling out the subscription card and mailing a check. YIKES! I was sucked in by the lure of the domestic porn! Mostly, it was the recipes…(Much like Playboy readers who only admit to the articles, I will not admit to any interest beyond the recipes…) I have amended my living will to the effect that if I am found “scrapbooking” to be terminated immediately.